Resolution Podcast

S02E09: Danilo Montero - From Secret Brokenness To Wholeness

September 20, 2021 Resolution Season 2 Episode 9
Resolution Podcast
S02E09: Danilo Montero - From Secret Brokenness To Wholeness
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Ben Bennett and Danilo Montero talk about the brokenness and pain that secrets can cause. Danilo shares his story of the pain he experienced growing up, the secret sexual sin he hid in his ministry, and his journey to a life of transparency, freedom and wholeness. They discuss practical ways to get help and experience freedom from the shame and fear that secrets cause.

Danilo Montero is a Latin Grammy award-winning musician with over 20 albums, author, and Senior Pastor of the Spanish-speaking congregation at Lakewood Church (Iglesia Lakewood) in Houston, Texas, where his messages are broadcast to millions weekly.

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(smooth electronic music)- Welcome to the "Resolution" podcast, where we believe it's possible to overcome struggles and thrive in life. Here, we discuss mental health, trauma, brokenness, healing, and ultimately how we can experience a thriving life with Jesus and others. These conversations are informed by my new book,"Free To Thrive," coauthored with Josh McDowell. I'm your host, Benn Bennett. Welcome to season two. Welcome to another episode of the "Resolution" podcast. Benn Bennett here, and today's episode is gonna be awesome. I'm joined by my friend, Danilo Montero, and we're gonna get into his journey from a secret life of brokenness into how he found wholeness. Now, Danilo is a musician who has recorded over 20 albums. He's a Latin Grammy winner and author and the senior pastor of the Spanish-speaking congregation at Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas, where his messages are broadcast to millions weekly. Come on, Danilo, thanks so much for joining me today.- Hi, Benn, it's great to see you.(laughs) It's great to be here.- Yeah, it's great to see you, it's great to hear you. It's been probably a couple years.- That's right.- And we're both in Texas now.- Yes, yes, I love Texas by the way. And Houston is a good place. You are in Dallas, right?- Yeah, Dallas.- I'm in Houston and believe me, guys, Houston has got a very good weather. Don't believe what some of the people say, it's nice most of the time (laughs).- Most of the time. It does get a little more humid than Dallas.- Yeah, a little bit more humid and a little bit more bugs here and there, so that's okay. It's a nice place to be.- It's definitely more beautiful than Dallas. You got amazing trees, the bayou, bayous, however you say that.- Oh, yeah, great food.- Oh, the food, yeah.- What can I say about Dallas? It's the same thing, great food, by the way. So I'm gonna come and visit you one of these days and let you convince me that Dallas probably has better food than Houston, okay.(both laughing)- That'll be awesome. It will be a battle of the cities over food. Well, this topic today that we're getting into is probably one of the most important topics that we could discuss. I mean, we're constantly seeing people, Christian, non-Christian, coming out as having a secret life where things are being exposed, and then it's having this devastating impact on people. So it's so important for us to be on this journey, not to become perfect but to become whole, and to find healing and help for the secret struggles that we may have. And Danilo, that's one thing I just so love about you and your story is how you have so diligently navigated that and sought to find healing and freedom through Jesus and brought others in. So let's go ahead and get into your story today. Will you start off... Well, before we get into some of that more nitty gritty, will you just start off by sharing how you got involved in music and then how you ended up at Lakewood Church?- During my days in college, while I was attending college, we put together, myself and some friends, a band, that we thought when we first started, well, let's try to put together something new, some music that would be focused on helping people experience God, God's presence, and share the gospel. So we started without knowing that eventually that would become a whole ministry, a full time ministry. It took me probably eight years to convince myself that I needed to get more into this. I loved music my whole life, and I love to sing, but this is a different thing. After this, I grew up in church. I decided to leave church when I was 18, tried to go into different things, and try just to go away from my faith in God. But then I had this amazing experience with the Lord and I experienced his unconditional love. That's how I could put it. So I came back to God and the church with this fire for God, for more of him. And that's how I got involved with music and worship. And 10 years later, I get in contact with different people who were doing great things when it comes to music like Marcos Witt and Juan Carlos Alvarado and some other people, pioneers in the area of music, Christian music. None of us would've ever thought that what we were doing while traveling and sharing, doing concerts, that that was an awakening in Christian music in Latin America. And it became huge. And so I started recording albums, at first, for myself. I mean, for my band and then for some other people and some other companies in the US, and finally Marcos Witt invited me to do an album with him that went viral. It went around the world, and that's how I ended up traveling most of the time, more than 200 days a year. And I've had the trip of my life, if I could put it that way, it's been so much fun, loved that. God has given us an amazing, many, many opportunities to share with young people everywhere.- Yeah, that's incredible. Great. You've got 20 albums, phenomenal music. You've been doing it for a long time. It's amazing, God's just blessing so many people through it. And then you ended up at Lakewood Church.- (laughs) Yes.- When was that, how did that happen?- Well, it was almost 14 years ago. I mentioned Marcos Witt, many people know him, even in the Anglo church in the US. So he started that project along with Joel Osteen here in Houston, and after a few years, when we see each other during a dinner for the very first time in many years, he asked me,"What are you dreaming about doing?" So I just got married. I moved from Costa Rica, that's where I'm originally from. I moved to Orlando, and so he was asking me, wbat are you doing? And I told him, I feel since the moment I moved to the US, that God wants me to get involved in the local church, just helping. I grew up in a church, I believe in the power of a Christian community. It changed my life, having a pastor like pastor Raul, a Godly man, and his family and everything, just helped me recover from rejection and from, you know, an alcoholic father and that kind of background. So I believe in the power of a Christian community. I told him so, and we ended up talking more and more. And finally, he invited me to come and join the staff. It was 14 years ago, my wife and I took over the Spanish ministry around nine years now. So it's been quite a journey for us, it's been wonderful.- Yeah, that's so incredible how God's been at work through you. And so every Sunday morning, you're up there, Lakewood Church, speaking to, well, the messages get broadcast into how many countries and how many millions of people every week?- Well, so many, I mean, when it comes to the English, Pastor Joel, even during the pandemic, his preachings went all over the world by millions, and in our case when it comes to the Spanish ministry, I think thousands of people all over Latin America and the world, I mean, we get reports from even Sweden, from Israel, from Tokyo. You know, there are Hispanics all over the world. Maybe some of you guys know that now.(both laughing) So we are reaching out to so many people now, it's amazing. I think the pandemic broke some structures that we put, some limitations, and we are reaching out to more people than ever.- Praise God, that's incredible. And I know part of your story along the way, while you're crushing it in ministry and doing great things for God, that part of your story was experiencing sexual brokenness. And what did that look like in your life? When did that begin?- I would go back to one thing. I believe coming from a background of rejection from my father who was an alcoholic, as I said before, coming from that background just puts in you or leaves you with some emptiness and some lack of value that is hard, it's hard to deal with. You don't necessarily understand all, just the depth of those hurts. And that's where I would say, that's where the journey starts, that's where the hurt started. I became Christian eventually when I was a teenager and then grew up as a leader and then had this encounter with God when I was almost 20, and I got involved in ministry on a local level, on international level as well. And then that's where I wanna try to answer that question. There are a few things going on. One is I'm feeling detached from everything that I felt familiar. And that's one point that I want to emphasize, transitions in life causes people to become more vulnerable than they used to be in certain areas. And in my case that, I don't know if I should say curiosity toward pornography, I don't know if I should say that because I was a Christian young man and I rejected many opportunities to get into that when I was probably in middle school, but I'm in college right now. And even after college, I'm traveling extensively and I'm ministering and I'm fulfilling a dream and a vision that, moving from many things, sorry, long story. But there are so many things. My mom passed away the way, I'm moving to the US. And there are so many things going on, and I feel isolated from whatever was familiar. That's one thing, changes and transitions causes people to feel more vulnerable. And so I began, the second thing I would say is my spiritual life got affected by the business of ministry. And here it is guys. I mean, many of you maybe are not involved in a Christian ministry. Not to say even the Christian faith, maybe, who knows, but being involved in ministry doesn't necessarily mean that you are experiencing a healthy spiritual life. So that was my case. At a certain point in my life, I began this, I began to experience this amazing sense of the love of God and his presence. And I would feed my soul with the wisdom comes from the word of God. And I was whole, at least that's what I thought. But then eventually as I became busy, I began to just forget those disciplines and those instances where I would pursue my spiritual life. And I began to feel empty and just busy. And a third thing that I could mention, Benn, is men try to compare or to find value on the things that we do. And by doing certain things, you can call it getting married, a profession or whatever, a minister, you try to equate, if I can say that, you try to compare and find value in those things and forget your own value as a person, as a human being, and mostly as a children of God, that was happening to me. That's how I ended up in pornography. My friend, my pastor, my counselor during that time ended up telling me,"Danilo, if you love God, God's presence, because that presence gives you a sense of value and purpose, and if you forget that connection with God, then you are gonna try to find significance and a sense of belonging and value through a corrupted way." And that's what pornography is. So while I was leading songs of worship during the concerts, I would end up in my apartment or my hotel room consuming pornography for about two to three months. And it was hell, it was miserable. I felt, you have no idea, Benn, how many times I felt like I need to resign, I'm a hypocrite, I just, I can't handle this anymore. It was just a mess, and the more that I consumed that, which by the way, at the beginning, it was so hateful. So, so disgusting. So, so gruesome, even, in some cases, it was just, while I was consuming that, I began more and more and eager to consume more, and that brought me to a existential conflict where I said, how could I want to consume something that is so disgusting and so void. But at the same time, it fills something within me. It gives me an energy that I didn't know that I needed. That's what my life was like for about a few months.- Wow, man. So many powerful things and so many powerful insights, I think, just for people who are struggling too. I know I relate to what you just said about basically that we can have this love-hate relationship. I had this love-hate relationship with pornography. It's like, I'm committed to God. I hate pornography. I wanna serve him and love him. This makes me feel disgusting. Yet at the same time, I don't know why, it also helps me escape and feel some pseudo sense of love and acceptance that I'm not getting elsewhere, and it's just this trap that we can so easily get stuck in. And it's so painful. You know, you mentioned that, just the agony, the hell of the three months you experienced just leading worship. You're out there with this massive platform, leading people to worship the Lord, King Jesus, singing his praises, and then secretly coming back to pornography. How did you feel internally? What were the thoughts you had about yourself? If you'd be willing to share.- Guilt is the word that that hits me the most. It was killing me, it was killing me. Because, Benn, you experience, pornography, it's a way to fulfill, again, certain needs, needs that are real for men, intimacy, for instance, but that it's a corrupted way to fill that need that leaves you at the end, contrary to real sex with a person that you love, contrary to that which gives you peace and a sense of belonging and love, it leaves you empty and guilt and it kills people. Especially Christians. So I think many, many, many, again, in many moments, I thought, I need to resign. I'm not good enough for God. I even heard this voice of the enemy telling me,"You know, you're worthless. You better kill yourself or something,'cause this is not the route for you." And so that's where I was during a weekend when I decided I need to do something else, I have promised God and promised myself thousands of times, maybe, I'm consuming more and more time, I'm isolating myself from people, from real relationships. I have to stop this, and it's not by asking God to forgive me, it's not by asking, it's not by committing myself, hey, I'm not going to do it anymore. No, I found out, Benn, that secrecy when it comes to pornography and some double lifestyles, secrecy is the strongest tool, destructive tool, that the enemy and these addictions have over your life. And you need to break that.- Yeah, so, so good, so, so powerful. I know that in our struggles, if we've got the secret life, thinking back on my journey, I relate so much to your journey, before I got help and healing. But in those moments, the way we view ourself can be so different than the way God views us. And one of the things in my new book with Josh McDowell,"Free to Thrive," we talk about is how to see yourself the way God sees you, in your brokenness, in your worst sin, no matter what you've done, God has this amazing view of us. I wanna to ask you, Danilo, more about that. Did you question if God loved you in the midst of your struggle and how did he actually see you despite it, maybe we can get to that after, but.- I can answer that question. It's a great question, by the way. I saw myself so worthless, again, as I told you, and I would doubt if God really loved me. And also as a Christian leader, the first thing that you embrace is this expectancy of judgment. And that's something that, it kills people. It's just, the idea that many of us have about the God of the Old Testament is one that just damages, it causes damage to your life because it's a misinterpretation of who God really is. So that's how I felt. And even though I felt this way, I felt that there was hope, like there's one day that I was crying and I was just so desperate. And I decided to go to the shower and have my teeth cleaned and just wash my face, and then I found this little canvas that somebody gave me to decorate my apartment. So I decided I'm gonna hang this somewhere. And when I flip it, there's this scripture that,

it's found in Jeremiah 29:

11 where God is talking to Israel. And he's saying, "I know the thoughts that I have for you and the plans that I have for you, these are plans to prosper you and to bless you. And they are not plans to harm you. I'm planning to give you a hope and a future." And then that very moment I was thinking, you know, I'm gonna run away, I'm gonna just resign from everything. And I fall to the floor and the presence of God just surrounded me in an amazing way. And for those of you who are Christians and who have experienced at any moment in your life that God speaks in a certain way to your heart, I heard that voice telling me,"There's always hope for my children." And that's a turning point for me, Benn. That's where I see this contrast between this is how my weakness and my hurt makes me look on the mirror, but this is, again, on the other side, how God sees me, God sees me as his children. And God sees me through the eyes of hope, and hope is expectancy of a better future. When the enemy kills hope in you, you are dead. Humankind needs hope, needs to know that in spite of how difficult this moment is for you, there's gonna be a better future. You can do it, God is gonna help you. You can make some decisions that will turn this whole mess into something way better for you. And that second, I know this is a long answer, but I wanted to add this. You can interrupt me any moment, please Benn. But I decided to talk, I decided to talk. And so I grabbed the phone and call my pastor, this counselor in Puerto Rico. And he just asked me, "How are you doing, are you praying?" I tried to stay accountable with him, which is one key that we need to discuss maybe some other time. But I gave him permission sometime ago before, ask me about how I'm feeling, if I'm praying. So he did. And while I was answering the question, his question, he interrupted me and he said,"Something is going on, something in your voice. It's just, there's something going on." And I told him, "No, everything is okay, blah, blah, blah." And he said, "No, I'm coming to visit you. Are you gonna be at the poor man?""Yes.""Okay, Sunday?""Yes.""Okay, I'm flying from Puerto Rico now. I'm gonna be there. We're gonna have some time together. We're gonna pray." Whatever, I was in shock. So I pick him up on Sunday night, brought him to my place. Monday morning, he wake up, went to the living room, open up the Bible, and then he did two things. Two things that changed this whole mess. One is he told me,"You just mentioned that you're not praying. You have lost your connection with that spiritual source that is God.""Yes.""Okay, so this is how you do it." And he just started praying. And this man, it's a person that has this daily relationship with God. And the moment he started talking, heaven just filled the place. And I began to weep just because the thing that I love the most in the whole world is God's presence. I know he's my father. We know that. So I began to talk to Jesus and prayed with him. And second thing he did, he opened up the Bible and we began to read Hebrews. And we did that for two days. And by getting back to the word of God, I experienced how the conviction of the Holy Spirit began to work in me. It is different to the guilt that the enemy puts in your life. Guilt is hopeless. Conviction is full of hope, it's telling you there's something wrong, but I'm gonna deal with this, and you're gonna get out of this. So when we finish reading the second day, he said, "You wanna pray?""Yes." So we did. And the moment I prayed, I come into this amazing experience of the presence of God. And that's how I opened up my mouth and told him everything that was going on in my life. And that's a starting point. And I told you this whole thing because I wanted to come to this point where I'm looking to the floor full of guilt and so embarrassed and my pastor just look at me and ask me, actually now, "Look at me." And I lift my head and look at him and his face, just his face, this peace, this love."You've been," he said,"you've been dealing alone. Now we are two finding this and we're gonna (indistinct). That changed the whole mess for me. I mean, if I feel, if I can see in other human being the face of God, then I know how he sees me. And I knew he loves me, he loved me. He was pursuing me as he always have done.- Wow. That's a mic drop moment right there. He's always pursuing you, always pursuing us. Love what you said about, you know, so often we can have a wrong view of the God of the old Testament, think there's two different gods, Jesus and God of the Old Testament. And there you are in your story coming across Old Testament, the compassion of God towards the Israelite in their exile, in their confusion, where is God? He met them in there and said,"There's hope and a future." And he met you in that, with that verse. That is who God is through and through. That's so, so powerful. I think what's amazing too, is how you shared that a beginning step was, we can't deal with this stuff alone. We need people, we were created for community, and how the power of God was seen through this brother in Christ you had and you got reconnected to God. And it's like your soul started to fill up again rather than be empty.- Exactly, yeah And that's one key thing, Benn, we all need to understand that we have to do this together along with some other people. And I was single during that time. But when I got married, I told this whole thing to my wife. And so she knew, and I told her,"I'm talking about a struggle that I used to have," but I made it clear to her. I told her, having dealt with pornography at a certain point in your life requires from me to understand that I can never just lower the fight, I have to be aware. And that is something that you need to help me conquer. So it's very important. And for those guys who are married, that is a big challenge because I have, throughout the years, I have found, Benn, that women, married women, they feel so betrayed and so hurt when they discover that their husbands have been consuming pornography, and that's because that is attached to their value as women. As a woman, they feel like,"Am I not enough for you?" Or, "I thought you have eyes just for me," and so forth. So it's really hard for them. And so we are talking here, we are talking about accountability and fighting along with somebody, but sometimes very person that is supposed to be our partner on this ordeal doesn't have the tools, and we need to provide those tools. There are spiritual understanding and tools for this, and there's some neurological knowledge that we all need to get acquainted with so that we can face this challenge in a better way.- Yeah, so, so good. And I know it's been about 10 years for me, just working with single guys, married guys, dealing with porn addiction. And a crucial element I've seen is, because the wives will often experience trauma, betrayal trauma, be so devastated, they need healing as well and support groups and community. And then also, there's many women who are addicted to pornography, who are married, and maybe their husband isn't struggling. And so it's, on both sides, everybody needs support, everybody needs help, and we gotta attack this thing together. How would you say, Danilo, that life started to get better? Or did life start to get better when you got help and what did that look like?- Totally, first of all, I don't want to be repetitive or sound repetitive, but I'm just grasping original to hope as a way to get out is so important. That's how it started in my case. Secondly, I began to believe I'm gonna make it. I'm gonna, I mean, I'm a human. Yes, I'm a minister, yes, but I'm a human, and I am not an hypocrite. I am not, I am just a human. I hate what I've been doing, but God forgives me and I'm being honest about it, and I'm gonna find tools. So I began to go back. I went back to my communion with God, my communion with the word of God, the amazing experience of worshipping together with some other people, I began to connect on a deeper level with some friends and some key members of my staff that I consider really dear friends. I tried to connect through conversations, meaningful conversations with people I love. And that was something that I was missing, I was missing. And so I began to discover or to identify some, what's the word for that? Like things that would kickoff or start those reactions, those--- Catalyst?- I'm trying to find the words, Benn.- Is it catalyst?- Yeah, some little things that, I began to know myself better. For instance, I make a decision. I'm not gonna be working until late on my computer, because tiredness is something that ignites these drive, sexual drive for pornography. So I began to establish certain patterns of life, avoiding tiredness, resting a little bit more, spending time with significant people in my life. I put some limitations as well. Like I downloaded an application of Covenant Eyes, which has been on the market for many, many years. And that caused me to be accountable to my pastor. And eventually as a married man to my wife, so that that application would block or would, if it's not blocking, that can do it, it also can do it, but it'll report to them whatever I'm doing on the internet, and that creates in you a stronger capacity to be responsible for what you're doing and that is an amazing thing. And the other thing that I can imagine is, I learned, Benn, that the more you are focused on your weakness, like focus on my guilt, man, I'm so bad, man, this is terrible, you are this and that, you're worthless, blah, blah, blah. The more you you're focused on your weakness, on your addiction, the less you're gonna be capable of getting out of there. You need to, instead of being focused on that, you need to realize and accept, yes, I have a fight. I have a struggle, yes. I'm talking about it with somebody, but at the same time, you need to focus on positive things, on things that makes you feel alive, as I mentioned before, doing some sports, in my case, getting in contact with nature, to me, that causes me to feel alive, making music, obviously in my case, and doing fun things with some friends, and obviously praying. And so the more you nurture your soul and your spirit, the more powerful you're gonna be when it comes to dealing with those negative patterns in your life. So my life changed dramatically. And I can tell you, I used to be very fearful when it comes to being vulnerable before somebody else. And after this, I began to feel like we all are humans. We need to understand, grace is there for humans who are struggling. So somebody said, I think Max Lucado said this one time,"You are more vulnerable when you understand better the grace of God."- Wow.- And so, yeah.- Amazing, what a journey you've been on to wholeness and restoration. And I like that, you know, it's not like you just got free from the secret life, but life actually started to get better. Like following God and his design and his Biblical principles and commandments are for our flourishing. And like you mentioned, having these positive experiences with God and experiencing his love, with other people and music, life is just so much better when we step out of the darkness into the light and allow Jesus to do what he wants to do. I wanted to ask, 'cause I know there's gonna be people listening who are walking through this right now, they have a secret life, or maybe they've been struggling with something for years, and the shame is eating them up, Danilo, what would you say to them? How would you encourage them today?- I want to encourage you to ponder those words that I mentioned before. And those are the words that God gave to Israel while they were away from him. God said, again, "I know the plans that I have." And he first said, there's another translation that says,"I know the thoughts that I have about you." I want you to ponder this. God knows you're a sinner, as I am, but God also knows that he gave his son for you to cleanse you from guilt and shame. And I want you also to ponder that there's a light on the other side of this tunnel. You probably feel stuck right now today, but I want you to hear God on the other side, calling you,"You are my son, you are my daughter, and I love you. And I have the power of my word and the power of my love through my spirit and through my body that you can come out of there. Just believe that and just make those decisions. There are bad decisions that brought you here. There are good decisions that will take you somewhere else, to a better place." And believe me, there's a better place. Somebody told me once,"Did you realize that certain struggles will be there your whole life?" And he was talking about pornography. And I said, "Wow, this is so hard to hear. What is the point about it?" He said, "It's the reality. You need to understand reality. You are weak in certain areas, but here is the best part. If you are aware of this struggle in your life and you just let go of the fear of being rejected and being judged by somebody and you embrace the love of God that is talking to you, then you're gonna come out and there's gonna come a day in your life when you're gonna see your past and said, wow, I never thought this was gonna be possible, but it is." And I'm not saying I don't struggle, but the struggle is not the same, honestly, it's not, not even close to whatever it was in the past. I've come so far by the grace of God and by the love of my wife and my family and my friends that I wanna encourage you, that is going to happen to you. And it starts with a great conversation with God, an honest, open conversation with God. And secondly, a conversation with somebody that has the tools to help you. Somebody that can help you and walk along with you.- Hallelujah. I feel like a revival is about to start in here on this podcast.(both laughing) Man, that is such a good word. So much encouragement. God can do it. Wow. Danilo, where can people, as we wrap up, where can people stay up to date, hear your messages, connect with you on social media? You've got so much good stuff constantly coming out. Where can they hear your music too?- YouTube, for instance, YouTube, my channel is there and every week we have new preachings and then there's the video clips and music and everything. Spotify is the other place, iTunes as well. And we have social media, my Instagram page, danilomontero1, and Twitter, Facebook. So you can look it up. And I know there's always something good to encourage you. I don't have any tools in English. This is one of the few times, and that's why I've been, I'm so grateful with the opportunity to share this with you and with this audience, English speaking, maybe. Audience. So mostly I do everything in Spanish, but who knows? I can start doing some stuff for you guys (laughs).- That'll be phenomenal (laughs). Yeah, well especially this, it's gonna help so many people, I know. And people are constantly asking me like,"When's this stuff coming in Portuguese or Spanish?" I'm like, "Hopefully soon." So it'd be awesome to share some of your resources with 'em. Yeah, I just wanna say as a final word to those watching or listening, you are never too far gone, no matter how broken or guilty or shameful or whatever you have done, you're never beyond the grasp of God's forgiveness, his love, the righteousness you can have through the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus. You're made in the image of God. You can overcome whatever is holding you back with the right tools, with God's power, with the right support. And like in Danilo's story, life can get better here and now, you can start to flourish on the other side, as dark as it might feel. And Danilo, thanks so much for sharing your story. Thanks for your friendship. Thanks for your leadership. Thanks for what you're doing and for being on the podcast today.- Benn, my pleasure. Thank you for what you're doing. Just keep it on, okay Benn? I know this tool, this coming book is gonna bless so many people and I can't wait to have it in Spanish as well. I'm going to recommend it, okay, and again, keep it on my friend. Your friendship is valuable to me and I appreciate you. Thank you so much.- Thank you.(smooth electronic music) Thanks for checking out the "Resolution" podcast. To go deeper on today's topic, get my new book "Free to Thrive" at, as well as access a variety of free resources. If this episode encouraged you, please take a moment to rate it, share it, and subscribe. You can listen to us wherever podcasts are found, as well as watch the visual version of each episode on our YouTube channel. Connect with us by searching Resolution Movement on Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, and YouTube. See you soon.